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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Do you offer an installation service?

A- Yes we can offer you three options -

  1. Installed by our teams;
  2. Supervisor to your labour;
  3. DIY instructions

We recommend 1 or 2 for your first structure.

Q - What sort of decking is required?

A - We can offer you detailed plans to give to your contractor.


Q - Do you require planning permission?

A - We recommend that you go through the planning process.  We can supply you with a step by step guide and full drawings FOC.


Q - Can you put heating in?

A - Yes we can offer a full range of wood burning stoves.  If you are putting in your own, you must put in a twin insulated flue.  We need to know the position before manufacture to install the heat resistant collars. 


Q - Can we have proper doors?

A - Yes in the Geodomes and Zambesi structures.  We do not normally supply these in the Safari Lodges.


Q - What partitions can we have?

A - We have standard designs for the Tsavo lodges, please ask for more information.


Q - Are they suitable for all year round use?

A - Yes - some owners do and other's don't.


Q - Do you supply the kitchen units?

A - Yes we can, call us for details.


Q - Do you supply Captain Cabin Beds?

A - Yes we do


Q - Do you need electricity?

A - There are a number of options, including composting toilets, wood burning water heaters for showers.  You may also want to consider a solar power unit for lighting.


Q - Do you supply the decking?

A - We can do - but it is usually more cost effective to get a local contractor.


Q - What colours can we have?

A - We offer three colours - natural canvas, sand canvas and olive green canvas, any combination of the three.  For the safari lodges we recommend sand or olive green.


Q - What happens in an emergency?

A - Albion Canvas offer a full 24 hour call out service should you require our help.


Q - Where are the structures made?

A - Here in the UK in our factory in Wellington, Somerset.


Q - Where can we see them before buying?

A - We have a number of sites in the UK where we can arrange visits and talk to the owners about their experiences.